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Inspired in part by Gaston Bachelard's idea of an 'intimate immensity' in "The Poetics of Space", Ex Libris is a series of small scale installations in very confined spaces. The series emerges out of the contemporary technological movement from text based to visually based cultural transmission. In this work text and a visual vocabulary are brought together. What was a readable book becomes a closed container. Original text becomes context for a series of visual narratives.(continue below)


La Vida - interior

Although the space is intimate, the effect when looking through the viewfinder is one of immensity. I am interested in form and scale and in the inter-relationships of objects in any given space. I am facinated by how we seem to always find ways of creating intimate spaces for ourselves which are usually filled with objects, as if the objects themselves provide the intimacy we seek.

Through its presentation Ex Libris also brings viewers into intimate physical proximity with the work. This shifts the spectator away from the traditional viewing stance of standing back and looking straight ahead. Viewers must approach, bend at the waist and look through the view-finder to access the interior work.

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