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Josephine Lazarus
chocolate sculpture

New York Art Exchange

Steve Luxton

Artistic Diversity in Montreal: click here
Irem Bekter
Dancer, musician, actress
et ses Diabluras
167 Worlds to Discover -A repertoire of artists from 57 countries and cultural communities published by the Montreal Arts Council.
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My Art Space: a networking site for artists.>>


A comprehensive listing of Canadian Artists>> click here.

British Arts, a comprehensive online resource for artists and art buyers >>click here
"Le regroupement des artistes en arts visuels au Québec".
Association of Visual Artists in Quebec. Mandated representative to government for visual artists.>> RAAV


"Canadian Artists Representation/Le front des artistes canadiens"
Artist lobby group and mandated representative to federal gov't.>> CARFAC.

English Language Arts Network (Quebec)ELAN
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