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Subterranean Labour Colony IV

Spiral Drone Sub-colony 3(a).ii

Spiral Drone Colony
frame, oil paint, wood, plywood,
Found objects:plastic, glass, stone, steel, bronze, brass, copper, teeth, bone.


A colony of spiral worker drones, here at work carrying other drones. Overseen by an elite force, The Drones of the Hand, the entire colony is ruled by the Blue Egg of the Red Hand. Over it rises a Spiral Halo, the source of its divine right of rule. The Copper Flame of Conscience, to the Blue Egg's left, provides the necessary moral rationale for the colony's existence. Some drones do manage to escape through the Spiral Flow Tube into the clear air above. But to do so they must first get past the Baby Blue Guard of Paradise, just above the Blue Egg of the Red Hand. Few make it. Most end up sliding back by way of The Greased Pole of Humiliation (to The Blue Egg's right) down to The Cellar of Spiral Sin. There they are spanked by The Red Drone of the Blue Hand and then waved back to work by The White Fans of Progress. Of course, they will only continue to try to escape their spiral servitude, for the thirst for Freedom, even for Spiral Drones, is unquenchable.

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